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About us

MOPS PRESS s.r.o. focuses on the large scale production of die casting aluminium components primarily for the auto and appliance industries. Die casting components for the electronic industry comprise a smaller scope of the company's production activities.

O nás / Profil spoločnosti - foto
O nás / Profil spoločnosti - foto
O nás / Profil spoločnosti - foto

The company's production activities are focused on the Slovak market where its customers are the local Slovak subsidiaries of global companies. Important international markets include Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Poland as well as more distant markets including Mexico and China with production likewise intended for the local subsidiaries of international companies.Numerous awards and recognition as a top supplier from global leaders in the auto and appliance industries speak to the quality of our work.

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The company holds multiple quality and environmental protection certificates. The company is ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.